Who we are?

Our goal is to empower youth to create and run sustainable enterprises by offering knowledge resources, providing opportunities for mentorship, and profiling successful youth enterprises. This online resource hub was developed with support from the British Council  through the Innovation for African universities (IAU) program. The YERH resource was developed through a tripartite partnership of KCA University, Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF), and University of Nottingham, UK under the Co-Production for Youth Entrepreneurship in Kenya (COPYEK) project. The project aimed to address the problem of the slow rate of youth transition from entrepreneurship learning to entrepreneurship practice.  The hub has been designed to engage youth entrepreneurs in creating sustainable and thriving youth-owned businesses. The YERH website provides young people aspiring or running business to interact virtually, link with mentors, and industry professionals. Moreover, young business owners can use it as a platform to profile their enterprises and learn about current, as well as emerging local and global issues.


Success is largely fueled by mentoring and sponsorship. We can help you find someone to mentor you in your business and offer advice on how to successfully navigate the business world. You can find professionals whose career paths fit your objectives.

Success Stories

We offer opportunities to profile and feature success stories of youth-owned businesses and inspirational figures who have managed to navigate their way through the numerous challenges to achieve their dreams in the world of business. Reading success stories of other entrepreneurs is meant to inspire ambitious and aspiring young entrepreneurs.

Learning Resources

With the hub’s extensive collection of learning resources, users can access learning materials like online courses and keep tabs on their progress in their education. The user can publish educational materials as blogs or comments on other educational materials.

Young Adults With a Mentor Are:

Likely to succeed in their venture

Likely to make opportunities for the peers

Likely to become a mentor

More likely to hold leadership positions

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