Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is YERH?

YERH stands for Youth Enterprise Resource Hub. It’s a Hub where aspiring entrepreneurs can connect, get mentored, go through training in various aspects of entrepreneurship, share their success stories and experience entrepreneurship practice in their entrepreneurial learning.

Will I be charged to access the YERH Resources?

Youth Enterprise Resource Hub Resources are free at the moment. To access the resources, you just need to create an account and access the resources.

How Do I Become a mentor?

To become a mentor, you create an account and make sure to indicate you are joining as a mentor.

Is YERH only for established entrepreneurs?

YERH is a resource hub for everyone. Both aspiring and established entrepreneurs are welcome to use the resource hub for their entrepreneurial journey.

Is YERH only for youths?

YERH is a resource hub for all age sets in the entrepreneurship field.

Youth Entrepreneurship Resource Hub